Shoulder and Elbow

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Rotator Cuff Repair Postop Protocol

Week 0-6:
Pendulum and scapular stabilisation exercises.
Active elbow /wrist /hand rom
Passive ER exercises – limit 45 degrees small and medium tears
-limit 0 degrees massive and subscapularis tears
Table slides / active assisted mobilisation exercises
Limit extension beyond neutral for 3 weeks.

Week 7-12:
Discard Sling
Advance passive ER /continue table slides
Add pulley / active assisted forward elevation exercises
Aim for full passive ROM
No strengthening.
Add active ROM exercises after week 9. with elevation in forward plane.
Isometric exercises. 

Week 12-24:
Graduated strengthening with theraband. Delay till 4mo massive tears
Continue with stretching exercise programme.
Add IR / no overhead lifting.

6-12 months:
Light weights in gym.
Increase activity but limit overhead lifting in large tears.
Sport restriction for 12months.