Shoulder and Elbow

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Shoulder Stabilisation Postoperative Protocol

Week 0-2

Protect the anatomic repair
Diminish pain and inflammation

Sling full time 6 weeks / Shoulder shrugs /Ice packs
Hand, wrist, elbow ROM exercises

Week 2-6

Allow healing of wound and soft tissue
Protect the repair
Prevent shoulder stiffness

Add pendulum exercises
No external rotation beyond neutral
Isometric exercises in zero abduction.

Week 6-12


Achieve full ROM
Begin light strengthening
Dynamic shoulder stability
Gradual return to functional activities

Discard Sling
Active / active assisted ROM exercises
ER beyond neutral at 8 weeks
IR to body/chest
Graduated strengthening -isometrics , progress to isotonic
At 10 weeks: forward punch, seated row, shoulder shrug, lat pull downs (with elbow in front )
Scapular stabilizer strengthening
No abduction with external rotation for 12 weeks

Week 12-16

Maintain ROM
Gradual restoration of shoulder strength, power, and endurance
Dynamic shoulder stability

Continue stretching
Dynamic stabilization exercises
Continue and advance strengthening

Week 16 +


Maintain full nonā€painful AROM
Advanced conditioning exercises for enhanced functional use
Improve muscular strength, power, and endurance
Gradual return to full functional activities

Continue stretching and strengthening
May start light throwing / soft toss program
May return to light sports: golf, tennis, swimming
At week 20, may initiate interval sports program
At week 24, may return to full sport activity if no pain or stiffness
No return to contact sports for 9 months.